News Muse Views-Gay Marriage, Sen. Lugar, Economic Austerity vs. Fiscal Reform

Gay marriage. President Obama lost an opportunity to “split the baby” by endorsing, without limits, gay marriage. Whet he should have done was redefine Civil Unions as the modern equivalent of Gay marriage, and in so doing offered traction to  religious groups who insist on religious freedom to not condone gay marriage, and the at-large totality of alternative lifestyles who insist on “marriage” as a civil right.Civil unions seem to meet the need of “splitting the hair.” As to the alternative lifestyle community who want religious sanction for their unions, they either join churches that provide such sanction, or accept the Civil Union umbrella and legal sanction for their relationship.

Richard Lugar. Senator Lugar lost his primary nomination to a Tea Party activist with much stronger conservative leanings, (credentials not yet established) and will face a moderate Democrat in the general election. Tons of money will support both candidates to be sure, but the likelihood is that the Tea Party guy will win.The results are further validation of the antipathy that conservatives have with socially moderate Republicans, and even more for fiscally liberal Republicans.

Austerity and politics in U.S. and around the world. Greek elections; Italian election, Belgium, Netherlands, France. The delay in augmenting austerity measures in many countries is giving rise to a push-back from those whose social benefits are likely to be reduced, or even eliminated. Padded government payrolls, powerful unions, corruption that inflates expense, too-high tax rates on private investment; these have eroded politicians, and their populace’s will to right their fiscal ships. If France backtracks, if Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others are unable to continue their austerity  programs, even toughen them, and approve the continuing measures demanded by the EU, and ECB, their economies may collapse into more Socialist, even Communist restructuring, even leading to  Depression, maybe worse than the 1930’s. America faces similar threats, with an even more reluctant liberal base, unwilling to reduce social benefits and entitlements, eyes closed to the inevitable collapse of American prosperity should government debt and expenses continue to build deficit budgets, rather than surplus budgets which would free up capital for private investment, by far more agile and productive than government waste.


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