News Muse Views- Child abandonment, School Standards, CIA, Naomi Riley

From WSj 4/28 (Inside Ethiopia’s Adoption Boom’) Lamenting the many millions of abandoned children world wide, almost exclusively due to poverty and inability to feed the many mouths of poor families, is a waste of time. The fact is that poor people have only limited choices for recreation; primarily sex and music. If you want to get a handle on overpopulation, it will take a different approach, including family planning, birth control (long term devices) and musical instruments…lots of musical instruments.

From WSJ 5/9 School Standards Pushback . Conservative Groups who oppose The Common Core standards adopted by 46 states, do so under the primary guise of protecting “state’s rights’ feeling , as is often justified, that federal interference continues to tramp on state’s rights and obligations to set their own standards. The problem is that political correctness, and teacher union pressures, have a,allowed/forced many states to actually lower standards, rather than raise them beyond Federal standards, which is often the case, that is, states choose higher requirements in areas like pollution, tougher criminal laws, eligibility requirements for social benefit programs, immigration, and more. Common Core standards are better than nothing, but over a generation we have seen the U.S. slip from Number One in education achievement to Number Seventeen, primarily as a result of “dumbing down” standards, AND evaluating the “challenged” inclusively with mainstream populations. Speaking of which inclusion of challenged -with everything from retardation to autism-into mainstream school populations has the look and feel of political correctness and moral achievement, but fails to deal with the effects, choosing instead moral justification,rather than the necessary alternative structures. Avoiding real or imagined prejudice because of parental pressure and personal failure to take responsibility is no reason to punish the majority of children. The current results of educational policies are all the proof needed that this is wrong. We have been reducing performance and teaching standards in favor of social inclusiveness for far too long when we should have a policy of raising standards every five years. We now create college graduates with a high school level education; worse, some need substantial remedial “education” before they can even participate in college-level learning.

Worst of all, the expansion of social science and basket weaving-style degrees means that more and more “graduates” enter the work force each year with skills(?) that employers don’t need or want( ( the U.S. allows hundreds of thousands of those from a variety of countries to work here to satisfy needed skill demands), financed with college loan programs that assure more go to college-the holy grail of education-and get less for their investment

NYT, WSJ, others. Naomi Riley, Chronicle of Higher Education.  Naomi Riley was fired for writing an article questioning the value of Black Studies Programs, and the purported education they produce, and the value of the college degree they generate. I sometimes wonder if society needs as many apologists, naysayers, detractors and black-mailers (notice the “educated” play on word style?) as we produce, and pay for.

Worse, Ms. Riley was writing , as hired to do, to provide a less liberal, more conservative perspective on the Chronicle’s liberal community of writers and bloggers, a more analytical, pragmatic point of view. The “smashback” was so extensive, so orchestrated that the Chronicle’s board caved immediately and fired Ms. Riley. Why such opprobrium? Because in challenging assumptions about black studies, Ms. Riley was calling into question the entire foundation of a substantial segment of the educational community, who is completely dependent on the income from perpetuating and reinforcing the myth of the need for such an educational pillar to support the progress of the pursuit of black studies, a sort of self-reinforcing mechanism that needs the presumption of guilt and the assumption of responsibility by the educational and liberal political establishment to provide employment for many more basket-weavers than we need.


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