Probiotics, Immigration, Child Mothers, Home Theaters

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Probiotics. If you believe the advertising and some research into probiotics, the “delicious and healthful” way to help your digestion, you have to wonder ..why now?
In my mind the vast arrays of over-processed, over-antibiotic-ed, processed foods-meats, vegetables and fruits-have caused an evolutionary change in the ability of the thousands of bacteria in our guts to function efficiently and correctly. And did you know that a doctor-prescribed course of antibiotics affects much of your digestive system, very negatively for some. The cumulative effect of all that manufacturers and processors add to our foods is…big.
That’s why the growth in Organic foods departments in the major chains (in response to the outstanding growth of companies like Whole Foods and others), is equally significant. People instinctively want less chemicals, less everything that nature didn’t put there. It’s enough that chemicals are used for fertilizer and pest control; that chemicals are added as preservatives, flavor enhancers, colors for appearance, and all of it “aided-helped-enhanced” by antibiotics and growth hormones added to meat and chicken by the largest manufacturers.
The jury may be pending on probiotics, but it’s definitely Guilty regarding our food stocks.

Child Mothers. In Baltimore, a 19 year old woman was charged with various offenses including arson and multiple other counts in relation to an attack on her ex-boyfriend the father of her six year old girls, and his girlfriend.
A little math indicates the mother was 13, maybe even twelve at the conception. Why is the father not in jail for Rape? In spite of his new girlfriend is he paying child support? While we can guess at the motives for the attack, we shouldn’t have to guess at the reasons for this father’s lack of incarceration.

Arizona Immigration Law.It’s interesting to observe the “piling on” effect of Arizona’s new Immigration law, as other states contemplate doing the same. It’s also interesting that 70% of Arizonans supported the law and virtually all the demonstrators were illegals, according to reports. That would have been a great time to round them up, right? Why didn’t the police do just that? Because the demonstrations didn’t rise to the occasion of law-breaking is my guess for their excuse, and they contemplated the absolute chaos that would have occurred if mass arrests had been attempted. Stay tuned.

Home Theaters and Home Design Evolution. We’re almost there, here, whatever. 3D screens, with   3D glasses for home use (new tech may even eliminate the classes. Let’s go straight to holographic!); ever-increasing screen sizes and Entertainment delivery systems-Netflix, Cable, Internet, Wireless. What has been a small business may well turn into a significant addition to home builder’s plans for millions of new homes construction-the Home Theater Room for everyman, and an equal or greater number of home theater retrofits. It’s just too appealing to consider the convenience and cost savings of paying $20.00 for a New Release of  “Avatar Two, The Pandorum Gestalt.” We’re talking just a few thousand in equipment to add to a design that already includes a family room (now mostly used already for T.V.). Another room design change coming is the Home Office for Cloud Commuting. Efficiency and productivity will be maximized if the design considers the layout and equipment configurations at inception. How about your Home Charter School Classroom (which might include the same 3D big screen elements for the Virtual Learning experience to be at it’s best.
I really feel we are just at the beginning of what we can do with the Internet to improve and home and work, our education and health. Stay tuned.


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