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The Wall Street Journal was the first, but others are rapidly following. Doing what? Publishing a full-fledged Online version of the print publication, by subscription. They have decided to use the Apples and Amazons as Content pipelines rather than building their own “internet” Content pipeline by buying access time from the Comcast’s and Verizons of the world.
Of course Comcast and Verizon would likely refuse and that points out the disadvantage of Monopoly control over Content, the situation today.
 Mistake not to control your own future, in my opinion. But, of course they have a more short-term viewpoint, since the value of long-term planning and entrepreneurial vision died long ago with this industry.
 I value the Newspaper industry; the mission, the message and the “motion,” the process of gathering, evaluating and presenting “news.”
  I don’t have a need for Print as the end-all, be-all,  but the function, the  foundation of a free society, that I do value.
  In print or in “bytes,” that must be preserved, but must evolve.
  Like some survival skills, newspapers must go through the process of the “fight,” and learn the survival skills necessary to get to a prominent position  (an Alpha leader, if you will) in the Convergence marketplace.
  AnyThing, AnyTime, AnyWhere (AAA) leaves a lot of markets in which newspapers can participate, some of which they can dominate, and rightly so.
 A potential future for Newspapers (and Magazines) that doesn’t involve them going belly up?
  * One which proposes an “alternate lifestyle” for newspapers that remove them from “prey” status to “predator” potential?
  * That suggests a way to double or triple their daily “eyeball” count, offers a Portal to other profitable avenues, restores revenues for actual Journalism, and offers a news and information-gathering mechanism that gives them a “place at the Internet table?”
   Is it a fight for a seat apropos of the old “Musical Chairs” game (but they can’t hear the music)?
   Or, is there no stomach for the fight that it would take to get them there?
   Waiting much longer guarantees their demise; acting in a unified way with great force and skill can make a difference, however.
Stay “tuned.”

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Solutions oriented, practical and pragmatic thinker, financially conservative, free-market enthusiast devoted to marketplace transparency.
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